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Grow Your Own Herbal Starter Kit

Grow Your Own Natural Healing Herbs!

grow your own herbsOne of the best ways to know you’re getting high-quality herbs to use for medicinal and health purposes is to grow your own. It is also very satisfying to grow and use your own plants and it’s a cost-effective way to get the benefits of herbs in your home. Herbs are also usually fairly easy to grow indoors and can be used fresh or dried for use later.

Choosing the Best Herbs

Before beginning, you’ll want to determine which herbs are the best for your needs. Some good plants to consider for your herbal starter kit include peppermint, chamomile, Echinacea, lavender, lemon bergamot, calendula, yarrow, and lemon balm.

You can collect each type of seed individually or look for starter kits that include a wide variety of seeds for your at home herb garden. You’ll also want to look for organic and non-GMO seeds as you prepare to begin your garden.

Growing Seedlings

You will want to start seeds in small pots or a seed starting tray with a seed growing potting mix. You can purchase peat pellets that allow you to just add water and already contain the nutrients you need to get your seeds started.

For some seeds, it’s best to start growing in a warm environment for the best germination. You may also need to create a humid environment by adding plastic wrap loosely to the top of pots. You’ll also want to water often so that plants don’t dry out, but also be careful not to drown them.

Once seedlings have grown to about three inches tall you can transplant them into larger pots or one large planter. How long this will take depends on the herb variety. After transplanting make sure that you water herbs regularly and keep them in an area where they’ll receive sunlight.

If you don’t have a good area for natural sunlight, consider buying a grow lamp that you can use indoors as an artificial light source. You may also want to look for indoor garden planters with built-in lights.

Using Your Herbs

Once your herbs are mature, you can begin using them. You can clip off small leaves and stems from growing plants without damaging the rest of the plant. You can also dry herbs by hanging them upside down in a warm, dry area.

If you prefer to freeze herbs, you can fill ice cube trays with herbs and pour a little olive oil or water into the cubes and freeze. Once they’re frozen you can pop them out of the tray and store in the freezer in zippered bags.

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Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Herbal Remedies for Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Lowering Cholesterol NaturallyHigh cholesterol has been linked to heart attacks and strokes. Blood serum cholesterol levels are 25% what you eat, and 75% what you produce within your own body. Some people produce a lot more than others, so regulating their cholesterol through whatever means possible is one way for them to stay healthy as they age.

Many people with high cholesterol are put on statin drugs. However, these are known to have numerous side effects and have been linked with the growing number of cases of type 2 diabetes in the US.

Fortunately, there are several naturals, safe and effective herbs that can help lower cholesterol.

Garlic and onions

These tasty allium vegetables give a strong flavor to soups, stews and other dishes. They also cleanse the blood and improve circulation. They are generally safe, but garlic should not be used by anyone with digestive or bleeding disorders. Onion should be avoided by anyone with a bleeding disorder or diabetes.

Lower Cholesterol Naturally and Fast


Skullcap is used for a wide range of medical conditions, but it is particularly used for lowering cholesterol and combatting hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis). Research has shown that it reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol and boosts the production of HDL (good) cholesterol. It is also used to help in recovery after a stroke.

Be careful of skullcap if you are pregnant or nursing, or are planning to have surgery.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry has been used for years by Ayurvedic and TCM practitioners to help keep arteries clear of cholesterol. It is also useful for many other health conditions, making it a cornerstone of an herbal medicine cabinet. However, it should be avoided by those with diabetes, bleeding disorders, or liver problems.

Guggul, or Gugulipid

This resin has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to lower cholesterol. It also prevents bad LDL cholesterol from sticking to the walls of blood vessels. Many herbalists claim it works just as effectively as statin drugs, but without the common negative side effects.

It is generally safe; however, if you have bleeding disorders, hormone-related cancers, or thyroid issues, you should avoid guggul.


Hawthorn is a common tree all over the Northern Hemisphere that has been used for centuries to treat a variety of heart health problems, including blood pressure issues, high cholesterol, and congestive heart failure. It improves circulation and cleanses the blood.

It has powerful phytochemicals in it, however, so it should only be used under a doctor’s supervision if you are already taking heart medications.


Red Yeast Rice

Red yeast rice is used in TCM and throughout Asia instead of statin drugs to lower cholesterol significantly. As the name suggests, it is a combination of yeast and rice that has been fermented. It has been shown as highly effective and can also help with aches, pains, and fatigue.

However, because it is so powerful, people under 20, and anyone with liver, kidney or thyroid issues should not take it. If you produce a lot of cholesterol naturally, however, it would be worth considering adding to your self-care routine strategically and then seeing how low your numbers can go. https://draxe.com/red-yeast-rice/

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