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Herbs to Support Detox

5 Favorite Herbs to Support Your Detox

If you’re feeling low on energy, tired, bloated, having skin breakouts, or experiencing hormone problems it may be time for a detox. We come in contact with so many toxins through the environment as well as our food that it can be helpful to perform a detox.

Herbs to support detox

A detox supports your liver and kidneys in getting rid of toxins. Your body naturally does this on its own. However, herbal treatments can help support your liver and kidney health and assist in getting more toxins out of the body.

Including t...

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Herbs to Suppress Appetite Naturally

Excess hunger and food cravings can cause you to gain unwanted weight. While it’s important to listen to your body and nourish it properly, there are some herbs that can help you to feel more satisfied so that you don’t overeat.

Burdock Root

Burdock root is an anti-inflammatory herb that has been shown to help with weight loss and reducing food cravings as well as curbing hunger. The best way to use it is as a tea.

Herbal reedies for anxiety

Add an ounce of dried burdock root to boiling water and simmer it for 20 minutes...

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