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Mindfulness for Insomnia

Mindfulness Sleep Exercise!

Mindfulness Sleep ExerciseInsomnia plagues many people and yet there are so few options for a good night’s rest that actually work. You’d think in the day and age where a smartphone that can video call anywhere in the world, handle your agenda, reserve tickets at the theater and monitor your nanny in real-time… there would be more advances in how to beat insomnia! Isn’t there an app for that?

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Mindfulness for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depressionAnxiety and depression for many can be disheartening, terrifying, and even debilitating. The symptoms of anxiety can strike at any moment it seems and is usually related to a future event that may or may not happen, but the thought of it happening alone is quite enough to start the downward spiral.

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Mindfulness for Bipolar

Mindfulness for BipolarMany prominent psychologists and counselors are employing Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy (MiCBT) as a practical approach for their clients. In particular, therapists are using this technique more and more for bipolar disorder.

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Mindfulness for Focus

Mindfulness for FocusMindfulness Exercises for Focus

Do you ever feel like you can’t manage to complete a single task without being distracted? Perhaps at work, you have been multi-tasking for so long, devoting your undivided attention to a simple mission feels impossible. You’ve got the phone to deal with, other employees interrupting, emails coming in that need your attention, etc.

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Mindfulness for Chronic Pain

Mindfulness for Chronic PainChronic pain. It’s horrendous, obviously painful, often debilitating and causes a plethora of other issues when conventional treatments fail. Chronic pain sufferers commonly experience anything from anxiety and depression to pain medication side-effects and addiction. All of this on top of excruciating pain that can’t seem to be controlled. Using the mindfulness approach for chronic pain may be just what the doctor didn’t know to order.

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